Supercharge Your Digestive and Overall Health Naturally and Effectively

natural digestion with kiwifruitThere’s just no doubt about it, more and more people are suffering today from common gastrointestinal (GI) problems like heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation and many more besides.

Natural and Healthy Digestion is Easily Achievable

Although you may think this is just part of the aging process, you’d be wrong as healthy natural digestion is easily achievable!

If you could significantly reduce or even eliminate these problems, you could have more energy, clearer skin and a more youthful air about you, no doubt about that.

The fact is that most of us, and I mean over 90% of the population, suffer from an unbalanced and out of whack digestive system. This area is known as your “core” and holds most of your immune system and over two pounds of essential bacteria. Once this vital area is working you can achieve optimal and natural digestion, allowing you to absorb more nutrients from your food and even from the supplements you take.

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When you are stressed, tired, anxious or taking meds like antibiotics, your healthy bacterial gut flora that protects you gets wiped out and you end up in a vicious circle of only absorbing a fraction of the nutrients from your food that you should, however good your diet is. “You are not only what you eat, but what you absorb too.”

Most GI problems stem from a poorly functioning digestive system, and we spend billions of dollars a year and rising on GI medicines and the like, mostly to no avail. A recent survey found that over half of the people interviewed suffered regularly from a digestive complaint and took medication for it.

With our relatively poor diets, high in processed foods and fats, and with our general lack of exercise, the problem is likely to get much worse.

Sugar is also your enemy! Refined sugar inhibits many processes in the body including mineral production which in turn depletes your natural digestive enzymes, so your GI system suffers. It is actually classified as a poison, would you believe and it’s in most things we eat.


So you may be thinking that the answer is those heavily advertized little yogurts which promise to sort out your tummy but never seem to live up to expectations and indeed my two young sons and I had taken these for a couple of years with no tangible results.

In fact, the European Food Safety Authority rejected over 180 claims about probiotics because they could not be substantiated and there is no solid evidence to date that they work.

The main trouble is that most of the added bacteria in these products, if not all of them, are destroyed in the stomach by the acid, and little to no benefits can be had. They are not natural either as they come from the man-made fermentation process.


Prebiotics on the other hand are nature’s answer to your problems and are effective and gentle on your stomach. These help to increase the good bacteria in your GI tract while reducing the harmful ones like E.coli.

How Do They Work?

These prebiotics are found in foods like kiwifruit, raw onions, raw garlic, raw oats, Jerusalem artichokes and many more.

Recent research has shown that the humble kiwifruit is the king of prebiotics and the skins and seeds of this new superfood contain much of the goodness. They contain phenolics in the skin which help to not only increase the good bacteria but reduce the bad ones and very effectively too.

These small molecules are potent antioxidants and as they help to naturally reduce the harmful bacteria, your body can concentrate on digesting the essential nutrients from your food and keep everything moving.

Otherwise what commonly occurs is that you have rotting food left in your colon and it can stay there for decades and can lead to many conditions including colon cancer. In addition, the enzymes in the kiwi pulp help you digest proteins more effectively by letting your good bacteria flourish and significantly increase their numbers.

It is these good ones that help to produce minerals and vitamins, regulate hormones and control many other vital processes. We each have trillions of bacteria in our bodies and nowhere more so than in the GI tract. Keeping the good ones healthy and fed and reducing the harmful ones is the secret to healthy and natural digestion, and this leads to improved overall health too and a reduced risk of serious diseases like cancer later on.   Optimum digestive health

The Health Benefits

When you are in balance, everything works better and more efficiently, so for example you may find that you have:

  • Less bloating and gas
  • Clearer and healthier skin
  • More regular and easier bowel movements
  • Less constipation and diarrhea
  • More energy
  • Experience some natural weight loss
  • A far stronger immune system
  • Less toxic waste in your colon (no need for the latest cleansing fad

The Best Solution

You could opt to eat fresh organic kiwis each day, but bear in mind you need to eat at least a couple each day and the skins too. You should ideally look for organic ones to avoid any pesticide residue traces on the fruits.

Also, most kiwis are picked before they are ripe to increase their life, and therefore the enzymes and nutrients are not properly developed. What I decided to do and to give to my young sons as well, was a quality natural kiwi supplement. The one we found to be head and shoulders above the rest is called Kiwi-Klenz from a company in New Zealand – land of the kiwifruit! healthy digestion with fresh kiwifruit

From my experience, within two weeks, we all noticed a positive change, as I used to get occasional bloating and more regular acid reflux which causes heartburn. Since taking kiwi capsules, I no longer get heartburn and am rarely bloated unless it’s self inflicted like after a Christmas meal or something like that!

However, that’s not all because my youngest son is mildly autistic and has had loose and smelly movements since birth. After two years taking a probiotic juice each day, there was no improvements. After just ten days of taking one capsule each day, he become more regular, less smelly and not loose at all, quite amazing really. I also have the peace of mind in knowing that we are all getting more nutrients from our food, boosting our overall health too.

Kiwi-Klenz is not like the rest of the prebiotic supplements out there, as it is processed using only water and no added solvents, using a unique water extraction process to preserve the full potency and goodness.

This means that you get lots of soluble fiber and natural enzymes, phenolics and prebiotic fiber too, and the whole kiwifruit benefits from the skin, seeds, pulp – everything and you could see the results in just a few days.

The company is called Xtend-Life and the kiwi fruit comes from a sustainable and pure source, with zero negative impact on the surrounding environment. Kiwi-Klenz Many supplements contain freeze-dried pulp without the skins and as such, these offer little or no benefits at all, so be careful when selecting them.

These are the only pure and effective prebiotic supplements I have found that really work to help balance my digestive system, boost my overall health and that of my kids too.

In addition, these supplements contain more fiber than the more well-known ones like psyllium husks and they have over three times more bioactives compared to dried kiwi powder. Visit Xtend-Life’s website today to find out more.


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